Review – Taste Food Company

Located on South William Street, this place started off as a take away and home delivery back in 1998 and a lot has changed since. Opening their new cafe in recent years really opened Taste Food Company to the larger crowd. I’ve walked passed this place countless time but never really went in although it did always appeal to me. The outside is decorated with grass, lawn chairs and a huge window all through. I love sitting outside on a nice today and this really gave me a home feeling.

Dublin has really upped it’s game on the breakfast menu in the last several years, from the full fat Irish breakfast to lighter more nutritious others – salads, oats, eggs and toast and so on. Taste Food Company really offers a large selection of great breakfasts. I ordered the mashed avocado and poached eggs alongside a cappuccino.


The food was delicious! The eggs were spot on, not too runny and not dry, sitting on a wonderful fluffy brioche bun. The other bun was topped with avocado mash with tomatoes and red onion and felt fresh and refreshing. Between both buns sat a small tomato salsa which was too spicy for my liking but I’m not big on the spicy foods. The coffee was nice, not the best in Dublin but definitely sound.

Overall it was a great experience and I look forward to coming back here again.

South William Street 40


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