Mosa – Sushi Burrito



This centrally located but hidden gem is a must for anyone looking to try something new in the Asian kitchen. Mosa is a small “fast foodish” family run restaurant, the owner and staff are lovely and very welcoming.

Mosa offers a wide variety of bubble tea (for those of you who don’t know – Bubble tea is a hot or cold tea with tapioca balls. These little balls are edible and very chewy ) The tastes vary widely, both the tea and the tapioca can come in different tastes giving you the ability to “Build Your Own”.

2016-12-26 12.30.05.JPG

Aside from the Bubble tea, Mosa specializes in sushi burritos. It’s pretty much like an uncut, large futomaki roll. The burritos are quite delicious plus you feel carnivorous even eating the vegetarian burrito.

Prices are cheap, service is great and quick and the food is healthy and tasty. So go have a look!



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