Delicious and special “Pomegranate Creme Brulee”


A classic french dessert with a little twist. A simple dessert which will end up looking beautiful. It consists of making a basic Crème Brulee and using one full pomegranate to it’s full extent.


500 ml heavy cream
100 ml milk
5 egg yolks
90 g sugar
1 vanilla bean
1 pomegranate (seeds and juice separated)
120 g sugar

dsc_0125 - Copy (1).JPG

Start with preheating the oven to 95 degrees. Then whisk together the cream, milk and egg yolks. Split the vanilla bean into two, scrape out the seeds and mix them with a small portion of the sugar before mixing it and the rest of the sugar in with the egg-mixture. Important: Make sure not to whisk to vigorously so too much air is added into the mixture!

Fill the mixture into small ramekins and place them into a larger baking pan or a roasting pan with higher edges. Put the baking pan into the oven and then carefully, without getting water into the mixture pour water into the bigger baking pan just until the ramekins are covered halfway. Bake for about 2-3 hours. The crème brûlée is finished when there is just a slight wobble in the middle. When finished – cool them down in the fridge until completely cold.

Pour the sugar and 5 tbs of the pomegranate juice into a pan on a medium heat. Allow to melt and caramelize without stirring (swirl the pan around to make sure everything is melting evenly). When the sugar have turned a reddish-amber color pour it out onto a baking paper and let cool down before blitzing up the caramel into a powder.

Take out the crème brûlées out of the fridge, dust a thin layer on top and melt it with a torch or under the broiler. Repeat if you want the caramel layer to be thicker. Serve with some pomegranate seeds on top and Enjoy!



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