Pancake Tuesday was a week ago but…

I hope you are all feeling amazing today because it is the unofficial, week late, truly pampering – one week anniversary to pancake Tuesday (like anyone needs to choose only one to eat pancakes?! Madness I tell you!)

So here are a few great recipes that i have been trying through the whole week and just have to tell you about!

So first – is a great recipe by Donal Skehan. An odd pancake I know, but delicious!

Dutch Baby Pancakes |, Pancakes just got pimped!

Here is a long lost recipe from “The Cake Hunter” which includes an Almond Milk Pancake *Drooling!*


And another 🙂


I’d love to hear how your second pancake Tuesday went, so comment!


One thought on “Pancake Tuesday was a week ago but…

  1. Collin Booth says:

    Wow Shane thanks for this gathering! Pancake Tuesday is actually every Tuesday you know!


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