DFB is travelling to Morroco!

Hi readers!

I’m super excited to update all of you that DFB is joining “The Chef’s Cut” on an amazing tour to Morocco. You know Morocco right? Marrakesh? Rabat? Fes? Couscous! Tagine! Ingrig Bergman dancing in Casablanca! who doesn’t love Morocco?!

So what does a cold, wet from the rain, Irishman do in Morocco? Here is what we are expecting!

So I’ll be over for about a week and promise to keep you all updated. We’ll be seeing markets:

morocco market aerial.jpg

Jamaa El-Fna Market at dusk

morocco market.jpg

Spices and  local fruit

Cooking Classes and learning how to make the local dishes:


Moroccan Couscous with vegetables


Chicken Tagine



Amazing Riads (Riad is the local name for a hotel) and old cities


Local Riad in Marakesh

fes old Medina.jpg

Old city (Medina)

And in general we will have lots and lots of fun. Stay tuned for my next updates!


“The Chef’s Cut”



2 thoughts on “DFB is travelling to Morroco!

  1. F.anp says:

    Hi,I check your new stuff named “DFB is travelling to Morroco! – DublinFoodBlog” regularly.Your story-telling style is witty, keep doing what you’re doing!


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