Battle of the GIANTS – Featherblade vs The Butchers Grill

It’s been years that the debate has been on and on…. What is the best meat restaurant in Dublin?! Just asking the question brings up controversy, so,I have to state that this is a very personal thought (Even the almighty Mrs. DFB disagrees with me here).

A bit of foreplay won’t we?


Opened just over 2 years ago, this restaurant is the esscense of simple but amazing, or as their motto says – “Juicy steaks, weekly special, house cocktails and No Fuss!” Can you not love the attitude??

It’s a cross between fine dining and fine food, the menu’s are kept short and specials are always available. The real classics include:

  • Renowned Featherblade Steak – a 9oz piece of heaven
  • Burger – The details keep changing but is always available
  • Beef dripping chips – Are to die for!

So you can water your tongue:


The classic “Featherblade”


Burger – Topping keep changing all the time

The Butcher’s Grill

Also a young restaurant in Dublin although located off the beaten path in terms of tourists – In the heart of Ranelagh. This restaurant has managed to make a great name for itself and people come from all over to eat here. The place is small, well decorated and has fewer seats than we would’ve liked. The atmosphere is chill yet vibrant and happy and the kitchen is open.

The menu here changes often as well but you will always find the classic cuts of sirloin, T bone and the milk fed veal loin. All are exceptional, and if the Tomahawk is available when you are there, be sure to take it!

If the last pictures didn’t get your saliva running, maybe these would:



Now I have to admit I’ve had an amazing time just trying both of these places out and it’s definitely a difficult choice to make… But because I’m a man of my word…

My winner would be “The Butcher Grill” but a close race that was!

*Notable Mentions

  • Darwins
  • FX Buckley
  • Bear


Agree? Disagree? Comment below..


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