DFB is Travelling to… Lebanon!

Hi all again! It has been a few months since DFB’s last travel to Morocco and it was wonderful! So once again I’m teaming up with the wonderful people at @TheChefsCut for another unforgettable trip!

This time DFB is visiting Lebanon – Do you know it? Located in the center of the middle east, Lebanon’s beach stretches through most of the countries length. The countries’ weather is middle eastern – hot and sunny (Yay! 🙂 ) through the summer months, and most winters don’t get too cold, although you can find snowy peaks and ski resorts that operate during the winter.

I’ve been looking forward for this trip for sometime now and obviously couldn’t keep myself from reading about the place and trying the Lebanese food even in Dublin! Beirut is the capital and referred to by tourists as “Paris of the Middle East” Due to the strong french influence, the amazing food and because of how beautiful the city is.

Beirut’s beaches are considered one of the nicest in the world, and nightlife is tantalizing.

Now… Most importatly, what are we going to eat there? Have you ever heard of Tabbouleh? or Fattoush? or Kibbeh? All local foods known in Lebanon for their amazing taste.

I’m sure you’ve heard of Hummus, Falafel and Shawarma – All, also a part of the local cuisine.

The Lebanese cuisine is rooted in both the Middle Eastern setting – using a lot of olive oil, fresh herbs and greens, plenty of lemons and local grains. Yet also influenced by the rich french history – Mostly by technique and quality.

Here are some examples:

Mixed Plate

From left to right: Fresh Herb Salad, Hummus Dip


a “Mezze” table setting. Dishes from top left to bottom right: Stuffed Vine Leaves, Tabbouleh, Kibbeh, Falafel


Kofta – A Lebanese Meat Skewer

So are you excited? I am! I promise to update you regularly on the blog and on facebook!



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